Here's how the grooming started ......


My family are all great animal lovers, my grandparents spent their lives around dogs breeding kennel club puppies,some of the finest westies, scotties, yorkies, cairns, poodles and dashunds.


My grandmother groomed dogs she had many customers travelling from miles for her fabulous poodle clips. My grandfather trained greyhounds for customers and himself which won many cups and trophies, all his family were well known for racing and training.


Myself, I own 3 cocker spaniels, 3 smooth coated chihuahua, a cat rehomed from the RSPCA guinea pigs and fish. Having once said to my husband I only want 1 dog!!


I have also bred kennel club puppies myself, and decided on grooming. So to short dog n sides I have been grooming for many years, all my staff attend professional grooming seminars yearly, and college corese. So we can give your pet the best level of care and attention, being dog, cat and even the occasional bunny!


Short Dog n Sides Grooming Open Plan Salon was opened in 2006. We pride ourselves in using top quality products to match every shampoo to your dogs skin and coat type. We offer additional services to your pets groom, teeth cleaning, flea treatments, aromatherapy and more, see our services page.





Owners are welcome to stay but we ask politely only if this will not
upset your pet.

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